Are there any drug shortages on oxycodone

25. října 2011 v 16:02

I have called around for 3 days now, there seems to be a nationwide shortage since one of the manufacturers were shut down. I live in the Tampa Bay area .
Opiates & Opioids > Oxycodone . Swivy has been considering changing to Oxymorphone as her pain doc wanted her to try . Not sure if swiy ever got any feedback but .
You may have heard rumors that there is a shortage of the opioid pain reliever oxycodone. Or you may have tried to fill your oxycodone prescription only to be told .
Does anyone know where I can get my Rx filled All of the pharmacies that I have gone to all say they don t carry it anymore b c of overabuse and shortage What is the .
Originally Posted by Westside It just seems REALLY strange that almost ALL the . Thanks, makes sense. But I knew something was up with Ethex. That stuff was whack .
When I found out that the reason there was an oxycodone shortage and the reason why according to the Doctor's and Pharmacist and reports here is the out of state.
is there a shortage oxycodone at the pharmacy forums and articles. Learn about and discuss is there a shortage oxycodone at the pharmacy at The People's Medicine .
One company, out of the five different companies, that produce Oxycodone IR is not . So do you know what this damn "Dava" brand is?? I've never seen this before .
Pain can be debilitating, as an 80-year-old Washington County woman who has spent the past 10 years suffering from serious leg neuropathy can attest. But the Peters .
I live in lehigh acres florida and was able to get both 30mg oxycodone and 40mg oxycontin yesterday. I got them at Walgreens. Good luck I know what its .
I have had a problem finding Talwin, also. I know that there was a recall a few months ago by one of it's major manufacturers

Are there any drug shortages on oxycodone

which caused an initial shortage.
hi,i was Are there any drug shortages on oxycodone wondering if anyone out there knows
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